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Acerca de mí

About Me


Gema Cela Rodríguez​


Full blooded Galician, although Majorcan by birth.

Introverted as they come,

empathy is my biggest weakness, my biggest strength.


English - Spanish literary translator

since June/2020.

50 years old

I am an avid reader, and my literary tastes have changed very little since childhood. My favorite genres remain fantasy, horror, mystery and science fiction, but I now include erotica. No kink or taboo offends or shocks me, and dark erotica has become my absolute favorite.


A long time ago, LGBTQA+ literature (especially MM literature) completely hooked me and I'm now able to contribute to its growing popularity by doing my little bit by translating into my native Spanish.

Besides, I really love translating. I love racking my brain trying to find the best way to translate a story, to transfer not just the words and the meaning, but also the feelings and emotions they awaken in me. It is a real challenge, one I enjoy immensely. When, sometimes after puzzling for a long time, I feel I've got it right... it is an adrenaline rush.

I'm thorough and curious and consider it essential to use language precisely by choosing the words or expressions that best fit the meaning and situation. At the slightest doubt, I never hesitate to verify the exact meaning of a word, whichever the language, or look for information to deepen my knowledge of a subject.


​Overcritical of my own job, I go over things a thousand times before before being satisfied. Then I go over them once more.  I always attempt to provide the best possible result, one I feel proud of, and which produces delited clients..



I offer literary translations from English to Spanish focusing primarily, not exclusively, on LGBTQA+ literature.


I translate any genre, including dark stories and erotica, in all its possible variants.

My work guidelines are:​

  • I do not accept any work without either having previously read the original text, or without having taken at least a good look at it.

  • I do not subcontract work, neither totally nor partially.

  • I do not use machine translation in any way.

  • I inform myself, research and / or deepen on any subject if necessary.

  • I maintain an open communication, both for the resolution of any possible doubt and to report the status of the translation. In addition, I communicate any possible errors detected in the original text.

  • I deliver the translations thoroughly revised and proofread.

  • I respect delivery times.

  • I respect confidentiality.

In addition to texts translations, I offer the following services:

  • Proofreading of Spanish texts.

  • Proofreading of English texts.

Fee and Form of Payment

The fee, starting at € 0.035 per word of the original text for translations and € 0.005 per word for proofreading, depends on the length and difficulty of the text, as well as on the time available to carry out the work. However, for small texts, there is a fixed fee: € 40 for translation of texts of up to 500 words and € 15 for proofreading of up to 3,000 words.

The payment, preferably by bank transfer, will be done in 1, 2 or 3 installments. Specifically: 

  • For the translation of small texts, up to 15,000 words, as well as for proofreading, a single payment will be made upon delivery of the final text.

  • For the translation of not very complex texts between 15,000 and 150,000 words, two payments will be made:

    • 30% prior to the start of work.

    • 70% upon delivery of the final text.

  • For the translation of texts of more than 150,000 words, or more than 100,000 if they are very complex, three payments will be made:

    • 30% prior to the start of work.

    • 35% when 50% of the work is complete.

    • 35% upon delivery of the final text.

Tarifa y forma de pago

Work samples



I have translated books for:

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Do not hesitate to get in touch, whether you wish to obtain further information, ask for a quote or comment about my work, web, blog or newsletter. I will answer you as soon as I can. 

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